Our Google My Business Service

Over 50% of the 1st page Google My Business listings has now gone. Originally there were seven map listings, and now there are only three. This is why you need a proven GMB Setup Optimisation Services, that is designed to increase your visibility online, and will build your brand prominence, along with increase the relevance of  your local listing whenever anyone carries out a search.

We will make sure that your business is setup and correctly optimised, so you will get the online visibility you need.

GMB Optimisation Deliveables

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Step 1

We carry out a full audit of your listing, tidying up any existing data and entering any missing data, vital for ranking improvement. Plus we ensure there are no duplicate entries, deleting any that may exist. We also set up a keyword tracking report so we can see your map listing improvements.

Step 2

We perform full competitor analysis, select the appropriate categories and add all the varies services you offer, along with full descriptions to boost your GMB listing performance

Step 3

We maximise your photos, by optimising them, keep your reviews up to date with responses (inline with your instructions) And create and build a GMB website, with fresh optimised content that boosts your listing organically

Step 4

there is one feature of GMB that is under-utilised by many businesses, and that is GMB Posts. Using the Google My Business Posts feature generates many benefits for your business, and should be part of your ongoing seo campaign. This is outlined below.

GMB Posting Service

Every Month we will post up to 16 posts a month within the four categories

Post Reviews

Businesses thrive of quality reviews, and you will more than likely have good quality reviews from customers/clients who have spoken highly of you. We crawl the web for these reviews, whether they are on your Facebook page, or any site, and we get them out on your GMB profile to spread the word about your business.

Services Posts

Directing traffic to specific pages that promote services you offer is an excellent way to link build and to get the word out on what the business offers. With our service posts we will spotlight the service with a persuasive sales copy and link to your website pages. This generates a targeted audience that is already interested in what you are offering.

Location Posts

Do you operate out of more than one location? We use specific targeted keywords to enhance your dominance in a specific area and help establish more relevancy for that city or area. Posts are usually about events, businesses, and attractions that allure readers, but also give relevance.

Blog Posts

If you have a blog that offers authoritative insight into your business, then posts are great for generating more exposure of your blog posts Our service will take a snippet of the post, highlighting an interesting portion that a viewer will want to continue to read. The beauty here is they must click the link to keep reading. You can have it linked to wherever you need, for maximum effects.