International SEO

Our International SEO Process Is Designed To Help Businesses Based In One Country Rank High In Other Countries.


Why You Would Consider International SEO  

The main factor that makes International SEO different from mainstream SEO services is that it is geared solely towards businesses who want to increase their digital presence on an international basis.

So you are a business based in one country, and you want to target a market in another country, or countries. Websites can and do rank in other countries from where they are located, but without correct and effective location targeting, it can take a long time for the site to ‘naturally’ rank in other countries.

When we talk about natural ranking taking time, we are not talking about manipulating the search engines to speed up the process, but rather telling the search engines that you specifically want to rank in other countries too, rather than waiting for it to happen as and when the search engines think your site should rank in various countries. Below you will see a case study example of one of our clients who is based in the United States, but also wanted to target the German speaking market in Europe.

There are a number of key elements that you will want to consider before you begin carrying out international seo.

  1. Do you want to incorporate your international seo into your existing website, or build a new site on a country specific domain – If you are based in the USA it is more than likely, you have a .com domain. These do rank in various countries around the world quite well, but if you are wanting to target the french market, you need to consider that websites in French rank better than those only in English. OK so you may want to build a page that is in French and use that to target your french market. Or you may want to get a French domain (these end in .fr instead of .com)
  2. As pointed out in the previous point, your content needs to be in the language of the country you are targeting. – This may seem obvious, but you will be surprised how many businesses ignore this point. While English is a common language, only 20% of the world actually speak it. In addition to this, the search engines are going to give president to websites in the native language, compared to those in English.
  3. Your keyword research needs to be done in the language you are targeting – Again this seems obvious, but it does get ignored. Your product may have a different name in other languages and dialects, so getting your keywords confirmed before you start your international project, is very important.
  4. Finally you will also need to consider the data laws within the countries you want to target. The European Union for example have strict laws on data collection, known as GDPR. Just because you are not physically located in a country, does not make you exempt from data collection laws. So research this thoroughly before you go too far down the road.


International SEO Case Study

Mark Lauren is a former trainer of US Special Forces operatives and was revolutionary in developing and improving the US army’s training regimes.Mark is now an international best seller in fitness and training, and the creator of the You Are Your Own Gym fitness programme, and a leading figure in Bodyweight training.

Mark came to us in April 2018 looking for us to spend 6 months on developing and improving his web presence in the US and in Europe, and brand awareness through social media interaction. We built Mark a brand new website that enabled him to promote and sell his monthly online training program and carried out our monthly seo services on this website to increase rankings and traffic.

We worked on his website for the USA market, carried out video seo on his YouTube channel, and also international seo as he wanted to target the German speaking market. Below are the results obtained from the international seo we carried out. 

International Ranking

Mark wanted to rank high within the German market as his books had always sold well there. We built his new website to be multilingual to reach the German market as well as the US.

He wanted to rank for the main keyword “fit ohne geräte” to promote his training and fitness app. We got him the number 1 spot for that keyword phrase, as the screenshot to the side shows.

When we started our international seo for Mark, and particularly for Germany, he was only ranking number one on for 5 terms, at the end of the 6 months, that increased to 44. Subsequently, his website ranked in German speaking countries, such as Austria, where he now has over 10 major keywords on page one, and German speaking Switzerland where he has over 21 keywords rankings, with 5 in the top 3.

german ranking results

What Are Your International SEO requirements?

If you are considering targeting other countries, why not speak to us today to discuss what your actual requirement are, and what would be the best options available for you and your business to rank well in the countries you want to target.