Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation SEO Process Is Designed To Help Businesses Generate High Quality Targeted Leads. 


Why You Would Consider Lead Generation SEO  

The main factor that makes lead generation SEO different from mainstream SEO services such as Local SEO, is that it is geared solely towards businesses who want to target specifics. These specifics could be:

  • A particular customer demographic – based on sex, location, likes & interests
  • New product/service launch. 
  • Promotional events etc

There are also a few different ways in which lead generation can take place. It can be done as part of your existing website, whereby you build specific landing pages to capture the leads for the product/service you are promoting. Or you can build a mini-site, or what is known as a sales funnel site, to send your traffic to, and then once the project is over, you can easily take the page or site down.

Below we provide you with information on a lead generation project we recently worked, so you can see the type of thing we are talking about.

Lead Generation SEO Case Study

Prior to April 2019, Heritage Carports did not have a website, and therefore, no presence on the internet, other than a Facebook page. The owner of Heritage Carports, Jadon Martin, approached us with a view to starting a lead generation site, that would enable him to grow his business online through obtaining sales leads through digital marketing. 

We built a lead generation website and began to run a sequence of seo and paid advertising campaigns.

In the first month we generated a total of 37 leads, potential buyers who were specifically looking for carports or metal garages.  In month 2, this increased to 53 leads, an increase of 43.34%. This increase continues to go up month on month at an average of 43%. On top of that, Heritage has seen an increase of phone call enquiries by 158% month on month for the first 3 months.

Organic Search Results

In addition to running paid advertising, we have been carrying out natural SEO on the lead generation site, and the there was an increase in natural traffic of 217% from the first two months, compared to months 3 and 4. 

Our SEO work has enabled Heritage Carports to be listed within the Google map results for 7 different areas within the  State of North Carolina. Within the first three months, the website was ranking on page one for over 20 high volume and niche relevant search terms, that have all gone towards increasing the the natural traffic volume, the increase in quality leads, and just as importantly, ad spend has therefore been reduced, without results being affected, thereby increasing the profitability of the marketing campaign.

We’ve increased our sales by 30%, achieving a 5x ROI within 4 months, without increasing client acquisition costs”
Jadon Martin
CEO - Heritage Carports
lead generation map listing

What Are Your Lead Generation requirements?

If you are considering targeting other countries, why not speak to us today to discuss what your actual requirement are, and what would be the best options available for you and your business to rank well in the countries you want to target.