Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO Process Is Designed To Get Your Locally Based Business Receiving More Local Traffic.

Every local business today, needs to ensure they have an effective local web presence that builds brand awareness with potential clients .

With over 80% of people searching online for businesses, quality Local SEO gets your business found online for local searches. 

Why you Should Consider Local SEO  

The main factor that makes local SEO different from mainstream SEO services is the fact it focuses solely on businesses who want to increase their digital presence locally.There are certain terms and phrases that related to businesses that the search engines have allocated as relevant for local terms. It used to be the case that if you were looking for a business in your town, you would search for the business type and include the name of your town in your search – for example, Plumber in London, or Heating Engineer in New York. But now thanks to the search engines putting greater emphasis on local search, and the fact they can tell from your IP address or your mobile phone geotag where you are located exactly, by simply typing in the relevant keyword phrase, the results you get back will be local results.

There are a number of key elements to local SEO that are carried out, that we wouldn’t do if a website is wanting to rank nationally or internationally. This work is incorporated into our main SEO strategy and goes a long way to help your website improve its local listings within the search engine results.

Local SEO is all about getting your business found online within your local area. But why is it important that a local business should specifically focus on optimising their online presence with local seo?

The following statistics from Hubspot show that carrying out effective SEO on your web presence if you are a local business, is certainly worthwhile.

  • 72% Consumers who did a local search visited a store within 5 miles
  • 30% Mobile searches related to a location
  • 28% Searches for something nearby that result in a purchase
  • 50%Percentage of local searches on mobile that result in visit to store within one day
  • 78% Percentage of local searches on mobile that result in offline purchases

Components Of Our Local SEO Work

There are a number of key components that we carry out as part of our Local SEO work, all designed and delivered to improve your business’ local search engine optimization and online visibility.

Website Analysis:

We run a full detailed analysis of your site to see if it is structured and set up correctly for local search results.

Citation Analysis

Citations are a key element to ranking locally (we talk about them in another section) The structure of your citations is very important, your business name, address, and phone number must be uniformed on every citation. Any differences can negatively affect your local rankings.

Backlink Analysis:

We look at your existing backlinks to see which ones help your site to rank in the local search results, and which ones harm its performance. Those that harm your sites performance, we will endeavour to get rid of them.

Analytics Setup

We will set up and structure Google Analytics to help capture all relevant data to improve your sites performance.

Analytics Management

Setting up goal tracking for various activities on your site is a great way of knowing how to market to your visitors.

Google Search Console Set Up

This free tool from Google is often underutilised and is a great way of gaining insights into your website activity.

Schema Markup Analysis & Creation

Schema Markup is a semantic vocabulary of tags improve the way search engines read and represent your web pages within the search results. Schema is a very important component on local seo, so we make sure yours is structured correctly, or even create a Markup if you currently don’t have one.

Mobile Ready

Because the number of searches for local businesses being carried out on mobile devices, is increasing month on month, it is vital that your website is mobile friendly, as Google will penalise your rankings if it is not. We will work with you to ensure your site is mobile ready, if it currently is not.

On Page Optimisation

Making sure your website is optimised correctly for ranking within the local search results, is the very first thing that needs to be done before we do anything else. We analyse every page on your site to make sure they rank for the keywords that will drive traffic to your site.

Your business profile online is what effects your brand awareness and reputation. We will either clean up and improve your existing profiles, if need be, or we will create new ones.

Social Profiles

There are over 300 social profile sites that carry authority on the internet, and having a link from those properties to your website, will have a great effect. Not only that, but by putting your business information on these sites, helps massively with local rankings.

Google My Business Set up/ Management

A Google My Business account enables you increase brand awareness and provide valuable insight about your business that Google loves. We outline this further down the page.

Bing Places Set up/Management

Same as Google My Business but on Bing Local.


Having videos that promote your local business, is a great way of improving brand awareness and generate traffic to your local business.

You Tube Account Set Up

We will carry out a full analysis of your channel if you have one and make the necessary changes to help improve visibility. If you don’t have a channel, we will create one, and set it up correctly with your branding.

Video Creation Upload & Optimisation

We can if need be create HD videos (with or without a professional voice over) that provide relevant information about your business, your offerings, or a particular product or service. We will then optimise the video within YouTube, with the view of getting your video(s) ranking as well as your website.

Links pointing to your site from other sites, is still the number one factor for effective rankings within the search results. Having links from local sources is extremely powerful for local seo rankings.  All our link building is done in line with Google’s standards. 


A citation is the mention of your business name, address, and phone number. Citations are found on local business directories, other websites, and on social and business profiles. Citations help potential customers to find your local business, as well as improve local search engine rankings. We can create 1,000’s of citations on valuable sites to help your brand awareness and local rankings. We also offer citation management as a separate service.

Natural Link building

The search engines love nothing more than seeing links to your site from local sources as well as built naturally. So we reach out to other businesses and local websites to gain the connections that will help your local listings. We do this manually and over time, something that is loved by Google.

Monthly Reporting

We will provide you with a full and detailed report of the work we do each month, to improve your local listings. This will include a full Google My Business report, if we manage your Google listing.



Google My Business Premium Posting Service

Google My Business posts are something very few businesses are currently doing. A GMB post adds significance and generates impact to your local listing, especially over your competition! 

If you want  a new way to not only entice your clients, but also stand out above your competition, then GMB posts offer enormous potential for improving your local keyword ranking and for generating  regular leads. Below we outline our GMB premium posting service. 

Review Posts

You have more than likely had some excellent reviews across your various social media platforms or maybe on sites like Yelp or Trustpilot. With our review posts, you can maximize these reviews and spread the word of what your customers think. Through our posts, we can highlight these positive reviews even more!

Service Posts

Directing traffic to service pages is an excellent way not only to link build but also get the word out on what your business offers. With GMB service posts we will spotlight the different services you offer with a persuasive sales copy and link to your website, generating a targeted audience. With the addition of the call to action, you gain even more opportunities to sell.

City / Location Posts

Do you need to boost sales in a specific location? Well we can help there with our city/location posts. We use locally targeted keywords to enhance your dominance in your different locations and help establish more relevancy for the city. Posts are usually about events, businesses, and attractions that allure readers, but also give relevance.

Blog Posts

If you have a blog that offers authoritative insight into your business, GMB posts are great for generating more exposure to your blog posts. Our service will take a snippet of the post, highlighting an interesting portion that a viewer will want to continue to read. The beauty here is they must click the link to keep reading. You can have it linked to wherever you need, for maximum effects.