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Someone may have said to you that search engine optimization is dead, or that your website doesn’t need seo anymore. Well all the time we have the internet, and all the time Google exists, there will always be a need for your website to rank within the search results (also known as SERPS).

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your website seen by the right people, those who are searching for products or services like yours. If your website does not show up when someone carries out a search for businesses like yours, then it will be your competition who do show up that will get the business, not you.

We have over 20 years of experience marketing on the internet (yes we have been doing it that long), so we have been through all the changes, we know what works and what doesn’t. And more importantly we know what quality the search engines, like Google, are looking for in a website, to get it ranking high and found by the people you want finding it.

Why You Should Consider Having Quality SEO

With over 6.5 BILLION searches occurring online everyday worldwide, it is clear that people are searching to find the right product or service for them.

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Of all web traffic comes from organic search queries
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Of searches never go past the first page of search engines
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Of people perform an online research before making a large purchase

What To Expect From Us As Your SEO Service Agency


We are not just an SEO agency, we are your SEO department. The success you gain online is going to be our success, and so we see ourselves as an extension of your company, not working for you, but with you to gain online success. Part of this approach means that unlike other agencies who will work with similar companies in your niche, we never work with any of your direct competitors while working with you. In fact we guarantee we will never work with your competitors for up to 12 month if we stop working with you at any time.


Because we are an extension to your company, we will communicate with you differently to other agencies. We don’t just send you monthly reports to outline the work we have done and the traffic/ranking you gained (though we do send these of course), but we will speak to you as often as you like. This  means we want to be available for you and so we restrict the number of companies we work with at any given time, so we ensure we provide our clients with the very best service imaginable.


Because of the first two points we have outlined, we do everything in-house by our team. There are some agencies that don’t actually do the work you hire them for, they outsource it. None of our work is ever outsourced to other seo companies overseas in an attempt to keep our costs down.What we will provide is of the best quality work and service. We test and develop seo on an ongoing basis to see what works and what is needed to provide you with the quality long term results that grows your online business. 

Our SEO Process

Our simple, yet effective, SEO methods enables your business to gain the best results from what we do.

The primary step in effectively increasing your business online, is for us to comprehend what it is you are looking to accomplish. This is done through us asking the relevant fact finding questions that will help you tell us what want to achieve online. We will ask you about

  • Project outline: Your business information & online goals
  • The type of keyword phrases you want to rank high for, that will help us find terms you may not have considered.
  • We will ask you about your  target market and model buyer you want to be attracting.
  • We will ask about your main competition so we can have a look at what they are doing, so we can get your site outperforming theirs.

Plus there will be other questions.

Once we have finished discovering what you want to achieve exactly online, we will compile a comprehensive proposal and outline of what we will do exactly. This will contain:

  • A confirmation of your goals and the work we will deliver to achieve them.
  • A review of your website’s structure and its current performance, will recommendations for improvement to better rank and perform.
  • A full analysis of the keyword suggestions to rank for, along with the traffic volume s and your current rankings, so benchmarks can be set.
  • Finally the suggested time frame to achieve the goals, and the investment involved.

Actual ranking improvements always begins with the optimization of your website and the key pages within it.  It is very important to get this set up correct, because it is this information that tells the search engines what your website is about, and enables them to decide if your website is relevant to show to people searching for your terms and phrases. We may suggest that your site may need additional content to what is already on there. What we focus on to begin with is the following:

  • The structure of your page URLS.
  • The title of each page.
  • The Headers on the page
  • The description of the page.
  • And the number of times keywords are mentioned in the content. (too many times is not helpful)

It’s all about the links! Having links from other sites pointing to yours is the number one way to increase your rankings. It is also the number one way to damage your rankings. The relevancy and quality of the links pointing to your site is highly important. This is why we only build links to Industry Best Practices.

For your rankings to increase, and to also send quality visitors to your relevant pages, we will produce content that is relevant and promotional, that links back to your pages. This content will be placed on high authoritative and niche relevant websites, enabling your site to gain both brand awareness and authority awareness in the eyes of the search engines. Some of the methods we use include but not exclusively, are:

Building your brand awareness on social profile sites. When we talk about social profiles, we think of Twitter and Facebook etc, but there are over 300 social profile sites, with some very niche specific, that will allow us to increase your site authority, promote interest in your service/product, and therefore create visitors to your site.  

We also work with blogs that are regarded as highly authoritative in your niche, to create relevant articles about your offering etc, that will not only generate interest in your site from their readers, but inform the search engines of your importance within the niche also.  

The beautiful thing about the analytics that are available for your site, is we are able to see exactly, right down to the smallest detail, what your visitors are looking at on your site, where they came from, the interest they have, how they want to interact with you, and so on.  

This enables us to provide you with as comprehensive a report as you want, so together we can tailor our work and efforts to maximise the your investment.

Services We Offer

Monthly Service

SEO is an ongoing process and with our monthly service, we work on increasing rankings and traffic, which in turn increases your ROI. The speed in which results are obtained is determined by your monthly budget and the competitive nature of the keywords you want to rank for.


Local SEO helps build your brand on a local level as over 80% of people search online for local businesses compared to other methods. If you are a business that operates within your local community, be it town, city or county/state, then you want to have local seo carried out.


We've worked with multinational companies who wanted to rank for their products or services in various countries around the world. You can be a company based in one country looking to rank in others, or you are based overseas to us, and want to improve rankings in your own country.

Lead Generation

If generating leads through your website is a key element to your online strategy, we can create and optimise various landing pages and lead generation offers to get your generate enquiries and get your phone ringing.


Our SEO Consultancy is designed for businesses who want short term, or maybe one off SEO work carried out on their website or on specific projects. Also we can provide training to your inhouse team if you want.


Our SEO audit is a detailed analysis of your website structure and historic seo activities. We will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your site, showing you exactly what work needs to be carried out, for better overall performance.